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What is Health?

The UN World Health Organization defines health in its constitution as a „state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Health is much more than just a biomedical condition.


What is the Cause of Health?

In fact, we know very little about health because medical research mainly focuses on curing disease.

Health and well being are different in each individual and depend on the complex interaction of our genome with the environment and our behaviour therein. We call this the „Health Triangle“.


The Swiss Cause of Health Cohort (Swiss COHCOH) provides very large sets of health-relevant data for the study of the Health Triangle.

Swiss COHCOH is unique

Initiated by Scientist and Citizen Scientists with their own personal data.

Participants are at the center, they form their own health cohort that is open for everyone in Switzerland to join and scalable within Europe. Participants:

  • propose and initiate their own projects.
  • pay for their own analysis (e.g. genome or medical analysis), not with their data. Data are not transferred to any third party.
  • decide themselves how to get involved – solely contribute data or get active
  • benefit from data analysis, e.g. on their response to drugs (pharmacogenomics), ancestry, food-glucose patterns, and more.

All data are stored in a secure database with unique governance structure (non-profit citizen-controlled MIDATA cooperative). Individuals have personal data accounts and control their own data at any time.