It’s easy to monitor your own health data yourself! SugarandMe was designed to show you just how easy!

The SugarandMe citizen science project at the Cause of Health conference was kindly supported by Abbott

Our booth at the LSZ IMPACT Cause of Health conference

We are deeply grateful to all SugarandMe participants and everybody who discussed with us citizen science and the Swiss Cause of Health Cohort!

What is SugarandMe

Healthy diet is a big topic today, but most people really know little about how their body reacts to different foods. With SugarAndMe people can test how their own glucose level changes in response to specific food or drink. 

SugarandMe allowed participants to continuously monitor their glucose levels throughout the conference using a wireless glucose sensor (FreeStyle Libre from Abbott) and a smartphone. Blood glucose levels could be anonymously compared between participants.

More on diet, microbiome, and glucose response:


Citizen Science

With SugarandMe participants experienced live the value of their own personal data and the role of citizens to contribute to a better understanding of personal health!





IMSB SugarandMe

All members of the ETH Institute of Molecular Systems Biology can participate in IMSB SugarandMe to counter the effects of social distancing in the COVID-19 crisis.

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